Assassin’s Creed Rebellion Reviews

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Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is free iOS app published by Ubisoft

One bug


So when I got the game it was fun but then the crate shop stopped loading and so did the hero profile

Give me it


I recently got ezio and it never gave me the character



I think the game is pretty fun and interesting it is good for a mobile game and it is actually like the real game



I feel like they should make a lot of more games offline

I really hope I get a response


This is all right but I really wish you would go back to updating assassin‘s creed identity because that had potential to be one of the best mobile games on the App Store but you abandoned it for this, why?

Fun game, but lots of glitches

Created Imitator

This game looks fun so far, but it glitches! Glitch 1: the game starts in mission 1 every time I open the app. You have to pass it before you start playing every time you open the game. Glitch 2: yesterday when i opened the game it started in the very opening of the game, the eavesdropping mission, (both of my characters are at level 5, and I can’t train them higher at the moment), after this mission the game is requesting that I choose a character and begin training him, but they are not unavailable, so now I am trying to click on the character to train them but I can’t, and it won’t let me do anything else. I guess game is over for me? Please fix these glitches.

It’s pretty fun

just update the game

It’s pretty fun to play with the strategy stuff my fav but having a problem with a mission just restarted cuz of a new phone a iPhone X pro can’t get past the place a living quarters it won’t let me press it



It is a really fun game!




Great game but

nn nazar gaming

This game is fantastic I play it all the time but so hard to get characters in this game