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Asphalt 8: Airborne is a 2013 racing video game by Gameloft which lets you race on different locations using luxury cars.
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The game also allows you to hit the ramps and perform acrobatic maneuvers on the air doing stunts, race around in 9 varied locations in 8 racing seasons and 180 events in career mode. The game also gives you 56 cars from licensed manufacturers such as Lamborghini Veneno, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FXX and Pagani Zonda R. And the game coupled with amazing graphics, sound & gameplay, this will give you a great racing experience that will surely be immersive & addictive.



This game kept me up all night

Very cool

First it has very cool maps graphics and features it’s like the real world

Please unbanned me🙏😢

Please unbanned me I’m sooo sorry that I hack asphalt 8 but I love this game sooo much I really waited for 2 years and it said that I was banned I’m soooo sorry forgive me plzzz I’m just a little kid I won’t do it again I promise you🙏plzzzforgive me plzzz 🙏😢

Best racing game I’ve ever played

I’m not the biggest fan of racing games but this one stood out and was amazing being able to destroy other cars and have nitro it was amazing

Where is the Scion FR-S

That was my favorite d class car. I will rate 5 if you bring it back

This is a great game!

Hi I play this game nearly seven hours a day everyday and though the game, the graphics, the cars, and the controls are great I miss the fall out boy music from the world tour so it would be great if that came back.

علي العراقي
Dark Dragon Iraq

اللعبة رائعة جدا واتمنى من اصحاب اللعبة يستمرون بهذا الاداء المذهل في هذه اللعبة

Fun game

Hella addictive

Updated: A Fair Review (July 2018)

Note: this is the only game I play in any console or platform and I play everyday for the last year. I wasted time and money in this game, that what it takes to survive. +++ Pros: It’s a very good engaging game and I appreciate all of small nice details put in there. +++ Customer support is good +++ daily reward is a ok and should double - - - Cons: - - it’s so greedy when tokens are difficult to earn, like you get just 2 for watching a 30 second ad, then you are shocked with ONE car is worth 10,000 tokens!!! - - - again and again, so disappointed for spending 1000s of Tokens + opening 10s of Ultra boxes to only get 3 blueprints I need. Make a logic to award blueprints of use to me. No, I won’t waste 1000 tokens for ONE blueprint and repeat 20 times. ==== Game suggestions : allow coin exchange with tokens (at least some weekly quota). Finally, I don’t regret the $$$ spent as Its a good game (I will not spend more). Bring asphalt 9 to this game as I’m not willing to start over and spend time and money. I deliberately missed McLaren X2 event as I was angry at the game despite having millions of coins and thousands of tokens. Just make it fun.

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