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ArigatoYou: Japan Q&A app

ArigatoYou is an easy-to-use Q&A app. Questions about Japan are posted, and people in Japan post answers.It's a convenient way to communicate with people in Japan through questions. You can also learn real Japanese, as used by native speakers.
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- Askers: Ask questions about traveling in Japan or communicating in Japanese, for example. Remember to post “Arigato!” to respondents and “Best Omotenashi” to him or her who sent the best answer.
- Answerers: Timely answers are marked with a special icon of “Quick Response”. Answer promptly if you can. Show you care by answering as much as you can, and be the “Master of Omotenashi”.
- Question templates: You can ask questions just by choosing a suitable template. There is no need to understand Japanese.
- Automatic translation: You can reply to questions and answers even if you cannot read that language.
- Posting audio recordings: You can attach an audio recording to questions and answers. Check your pronunciation, or improve your listening comprehension.

Recommended for people who:

- will visit Japan
- are staying in Japan for business or pleasure
- want to study Japanese
- want to test their Japanese, or just converse with others in Japan
- want to have fun with others in Japan, or make new friends
- want to learn more about Japan

- want to help visitors to Japan
- want to teach people overseas about Japan
- often travel abroad
- want to study English or other foreign languages
- want to test their language skills, want to converse with native speakers, or just want communicate in English
- want to have fun with others outside of Japan, or make new friends


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