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Arctic Foxes - Fun Feeding/Cute Animals

Arctic Foxes is a fun-filled animal feeding game.
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Games Free zheng nianchun iPhone, iPad, iPod

The beautiful and pure arctic foxes lived in a cold snow world, as the snow world is snowing everyday and the foxes are all in white color.

they have combined with the snow together and the fur is touched very soft, this is a isolated world and the foxes are very smart and docile.

they are playing together and lived in peace and freedom, but they are also need nursing, need someone to feed them in time and take them to bath in time, join the game and let us help to look after these beautiful foxes together!

Game Features:
1.Funny arctic foxes feeding game.
2.Help to take care of these beautiful foxes now.
3.Colorful screen with lovely prints.
4.Simple and easy to handle but very funny.
5.Theme fox character, happy background music.
6.Lively scenes design, difficulty upgrade
7.Different task mission and funny upgrade.
8.Beautiful and cute girls, let us play with the foxes together!


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