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Archery Master: shooting games

Are you ready to become an Archery Master? Join to be the king of Archery Club!
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Games Free min yang iPhone, iPad, iPod

Watched Hunger Games and felt like you could be a better archery master than Katniss Everdeen or Gale Hawthorne.

Start shooting today by playing Archery Club!
Everyone is welcome to play and start your own shooting!

Play one of the most popular modern sport games in the Olympics.
It's FREE!!

Archery Club is a 3D mobile game which has amazing 3D shooting graphics,
it’s so realistic.
Makes you feel like you are actually in the sports games.
Come and try your best to be the archery master!

The aim of the game is shooting your arrows at the targets.
There are a variety of levels with different features and shooting challenges.
Start now!
Aim and shoot! You are the Archery Master!

Game Features:

- multiple archery shooting locations: Forest, Archery Field, Iceland etc.
- Polished animation and realistic 3D graphics
- Varity of archery equipment to make you to be archery master
- Lots of addictive & competitive levels


I love this game!!!!!!!!

The game is great at multiple levels!

Fun game but has inappropriate ads for 4+ game
boy mom 360

Can you buy an ad free version? I downloaded for my sons and there are ads for “chat with women” “gay chatroom” ...I don’t expect ads like this for a game that is approved for ages 4+

I love it but...
Amber/ lola

I LOVE this game however.... the ads... to many if you don’t care about a lot of ads this will be the perfect game for you!!! if not it’s still a fun game...until the ads come and take over THE WORLD AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN


This game copied archery king which is bad and I wish I could give this zero star poor game

Cool game

Takes a steady hand Need good eyes Good time killer

It’s great

This is a amazing game you should defiantly get it!!


I love this game I’m a level 20 after on hour

It's a game

Does what a game is supposed to do.



Good game

Well done for a range game, good choice of equipment, decent graphics