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Shop for Apple products and accessories, and get the most from your visits to the Apple Retail Store. Start your order on one device and finish it on another. Get items shipped to your door or choose to pick them up in store. Browse trending products. Read reviews for hundreds of accessories. Find your nearest Apple Retail Store and check out upcoming events. And make reservations for the Genius Bar and workshops. All from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
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Additional features for iPhone:
- Choose your favorite Apple Watch models by clicking the heart icon. They’ll be saved in your account so you can compare them.
- Use Apple Pay and check out with a single touch.
- Check your iPhone upgrade pricing and easily purchase a new one (U.S. only).
- While in an Apple Retail Store, quickly purchase accessories on your own with EasyPay (available in select countries).
- Based on your location in the store, receive helpful information and fast access to store services on your iPhone Lock screen (U.S. only).


Doesn’t Update

Tried multiple times to update this App and it keeps telling me my ID or Password is wrong. There’s no option to input the Apple ID and I’ve verified and triple verified the password I’m using is correct. This is worthless if I can’t open it.


We now see that Apple is a Socialist Company delete all apps and trash all products there are many options. Let’s all demand freedom of speech.

iphone 5s can’t open it again

If you use iPhone 5s. You can’t open store to buy a new iPhone. Really funny and ridiculous. Great job apple.

The most stupid update ever!!!!

How stupid is this update ?!?!? I’m an iPhone 6 user, new update requires iOS 13 or higher . . . iPhone 6 can not update above iOS 12 This makes it impossible for me to use the Apple Store App to buy a new iPhone.

Are you kidding me?

I use an older iPad, running iOS 12 and I can no longer use the Apple store app? What sense does that make? I discovered this when I went to price a new iPad. How’s that for irony? Surprisingly I found nothing when I Googled this issue.

Apple using AppleStore app to force iOS updates?
No TNT for me

Opened AppleStore app to see message the version I was using (May 2020) "needs update" Ok I'll update Hit update link only to see link to iOS update not app update Unless the May 2020 version had a super secret, horrid security issue, why is Apple using Apple Store App to strong arm owners into updating iOS? Red flags absent an explanation

Thank you so much Eric!

I love this app so much. Eric was very kind, have a good heart, and so patient with me while I was at work. Thank you so much Eric for helping me fixing my Mac! You guys such a good team! Thank you

Cannot use with iPhone 6

Bad show, Apple! I guess you don’t want me to stay loyal to your brand.

Worst company
Charkey Kaflow del o' Shambro

They will steal every penny from you!