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Business Free Judith Weberman iPhone, iPad, iPod

App Genie Lite lets you choose any 3 applications out of a selection of more than 30+ amazing applications and utilities.


App List:

✓ Product Search (with Barcode scanning for 3GS devices)
✓ Language Translator
✓ Where Am I? (geolocation)
✓ Checklists (with landscape support)
✓ Currency Converter
✓ Weather Forecast
✓ Facebook Tools
✓ Photo Icons
✓ Nutritional Info
✓ Unit Converter
✓ Country Facts
✓ Battery Level
✓ Device Stats
✓ Voice Reader
✓ Metal Detector
✓ Talking Clock
✓ Speedometer
✓ Sound Meter
✓ Tip Calculator
✓ Amazing Facts
✓ Digital Magnifier
✓ Talking Compass
✓ Tool Case (Bubble Level, Clinometer, Ruler, Plumb-bob)
✓ Cam Tools (Click Anywhere Cam, Shake Cam, Clap Cam)
✓ ...and More!

- Some applications require capabilities not found in all devices (GPS, camera, compass).
- Some applications require Internet access.
- Most applications are compatible with OS 2.2, but some require a higher version.
- Weather forecast is currently available only for the US.


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