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It may be me, but I find it annoying that after I open the app, then I have to click three more times to get to my grocery list.



In my opinion it's very useful and it can manage your daily routin. But I think it can be improve with some color areas or able to edit color of text, box, etc.

Best app


Best app to help you place your day,it’s important to help follow it.

Overpriced subscription model


What clowns out there are signing up for a $120/year (off the $9.99/mo subscription). Even your annual rate ends up being $60. This is a rip off for what it does.

Used to be simple.


Too confusing now.

Any do app

Lakisha W

I’m very impressed with the Microsoft Team. Job well done, thanks for another great app.

Nice and simple

Noam Chumsky

Easy to use. Turned off the notifications though. It was stressing me out getting notifications telling me how busy I was… lol. It would be nice to be able to change notifications to a more positive message.

Lovely App with Great Free Version

Jill Centers

Depending on your needs, Any Do can be an excellent free app. For me they’re exactly what I need, especially with their calendar widget. The only complaint I have is that you have to open the app every day to refresh your widget, but honestly that’s not too bad if you’re already writing down your todos on. I’ve been using the app for about a year now and don’t see myself using anything else. Much love to the Any Do team for this ❤️

Best productivity app


I use this app everyday and as a software engineer with so much on my head it helps me tremendously to get my things in order, prioritized and done.


laith shawahin

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