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Antenna client for reddit is free iOS app published by Alistair Leszkiewicz

Hands down the best Reddit app


The user interface is amazing. So easy to use. Best Reddit app you'll find

Great app, recent problems

Squints to the mince

This app is perfect for reddit. I use it literally all the time and have for a year now. I have never had any issues until the past two weeks. For some reason, whenever I open bigger posts with a lot of photos or something it loads fine but once i start to look through the photos it crashes my phone and forces a restart. I love the app so i wont get rid of it but its been buggy lately.

It's the best.


It's the best. No, really. The best Reddit client on iOS. I would use a web based version of it, it possible. Thanks for making it easier to lose sleep, ignore my wife and slack off.

Best reddit app


Best reddit app for iPhone. I bought the pro version ($2.99) which unlocks a few nice but not essential features. Nice that the upgrade to pro was a cheap way to support the developer.