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Antenna client for reddit is free iOS app published by Alistair Leszkiewicz

My favorite Reddit app


There's plenty of great Reddit apps out there. Antenna/AMRC is my favorite. Why? Because it's simple and the UX is fantastic. Swipe gestures make it so it's absolutely easy to navigate.

Best Reddit client


Five stars

Awesome app!! Better than alien blue


Awesome app!! Better than alien blue

Great app


Dev deserves major kudos

The Best Reddit App


I've tried every Reddit app for iOS, and I always come back to this one. It has the most features, is the easiest to use, and the developer releases regular improvements. The latest version syncs the visited/viewed status of each post with the Reddit web site. That alone is worth the price of admission. I have one suggestion: make the size of the text field larger (full screen would be nice) when posting a comment. It's a little too small, but it isn't a deal-breaker.



Definitely the most complete and feature packed Reddit app you will find for iOS. I have tried a couple of them and this is easily my favorite. No bugs and the app works flawlessly.

Constantly Freezes


This app is constantly lagging, freezing up, and generally slow. Been using it a long time but will now be looking for an alternative.

Needs notifications


This is a great app but it needs to be able to send notifications while running in the background. The new Beam app does this but I prefer the layout and overall function of Antennae. I use a Pebble and I get Beam notifications right y watch. I have to physically open Antennae to check for messages.

Please fix! Keeps crashing!


The new update is crashing on my iPad Air, and the overall functionality of the app is off. Scrolling is slow, it takes multiple swipes before it registers...not a good update. Also, can you please change the lock screen back so it's not see-through? Isn't that why I have a lock on the app?

Almost perfect


There's a bug with the latest update. It rearranges my subreddits every time I launch the app. It's annoying because now I have to look for the ones I use the most, scrolling through them rather than seeing them at the top.