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Anime Heroes Saga-Build and collect your team

Anime Heroes Saga - Guardians of Manga World is an innovative action card battle game with initiative co-attacking gameplay and cute cartoon theme. The game has redesign hundreds of classic anime characters, first-ever initiate the combination & co-attack fighting skills; There are various of gaming systems, like PVE, PVP, adventure, team building and match strategy, cute monster system etc.. It is a game that you should not miss!
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1. Unparalleled Anime Heroes
- Hundreds of classic Japanese anime heroes fully redesigned by first class art team, cute and lovely, to relive your anime fun.
2. Polished maps
- Variant maps and scenes makes you linger!
- Main city is applied with layering technology, enabling you to switch to distant, middle or close visual-range mode!
- Characters are moving at different speeds while running in different layers of the scene .Bring you a vivid experience!
3. First-ever combination and co-attacking
- When partners with co-attacking relation chain joins the fight and you both have full rage point, you can enable co-attacking! Cool skills are just too good to be true!
- When partners with combining relation chain joins the fight and you both have full rage point, you can enable combining a great new warrior, and you are worth it!
4. Triggering action can be interacted instantly; you can involve in the game at any time.
5. Formation strategy
- Full tank, DPS, assisting, controlling…overall positions to choose!
- Multitudinous formations! Different formation has different additional properties.
- Single, horizontal, vertical, cross, full class... explores the possibilities of attack orientation!


Unable to log in

After playing this game for months. I’m unable to log in it keeps saying server fail retry and nothing happens

Anima heroes

The game no longer work

An log-in issue

I keep getting an system error when attempting to login I figured it was an update but its been a few days now and still no luck. I wish someone would fix issue please.

What’s up?

Is the game done and over? It’s like it’s been abandoned. Can’t get past login. Says network error


This is exactly the same as manga clash on the google play store

Server down

Haven’t been able to play in at least 2 weeks not entirely sure what happened but I hope it gets fixed soon


How i can play this game, its doesnt work

Error retry does not go away it has been days

A message pops up at the beginning of booting up the game saying searching for server address. It continues and then has a error retry again. Resetting won’t work been a couple days already hope they fix this

Star up

Can’t load

This game
poo rigus

I have played this game many of times and absolutely love it but I have downloaded it and re-downloaded it and it only shows an error message at the beginning