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Anime Coloring Book - Paint Draw Anime Cartoon

Coloring Book Anime is a tool for coloring for the children. The children can use his fingers or light pen to color on the tactile screen of his intelligent telephone. Has a wide gallery where there can be chosen a great quantity of images to color as well as more of available colors in our palette.
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Education Free Chim Phumphuk iPhone, iPad, iPod

Your children can paint, draw or doodle whenever they want, even if they can. Doodling, painting and drawing was never so easy and fun by letting the color.
Let your kids be creative by downloading this free app:
Coloring Book Anime with lots of pictures that can be drawn, painted


It’s a 2

I would say this is a fun game but to be honest I don’t like that there is no skin color and you can’t zoom I don’t really like the game so a 2 is what I give this game. Sorry

It’s a two for me
tehe im another person

On the ad I saw Steven Universe on the ad and I couldn’t find it! I couldn’t zoom zoom either!?

It’s ok
doggy dude lil gamer s

Well It’s pretty fun but I have some concerns. Well i like it but it’s kinda annoying how the screen like follows your finger and well the only skin color there really is is brown I mean it’s fine to use that sometimes but like it gets kinda boring when it’s the only skin color you can use but other then that it’s pretty fun.



girly girl 260

I saw a picture of Steven Universe and I was REALLY excited! But when I looked for it, it was gone! I was disappointed in the app. It had no zoom in either!??‍♀️???

Wait wait wait hold up
Olivia da weeb

What is with this app you might ask,well oh boy.It does not have a zoom in feature, plus whenever you try to color the picture the screen follows your finger!! Like what the fudge bruh!?!Also (this is my personal opinion) some of the drawings are meh. I just wanted to have a good time but NOPE!! I just can’t with this app.

Skin color!
i ❤️ games !

It makes no sense to put no other Colors for skin expect dark ones ! I hope you will change that

Don’t even gotta explain how bad it is

I don’t have to explain how bad it is a Y’all know how bad it is already just wanted to give it one star :( also I uninstalled after I sent this



I like it
Blobfish 209

It's ok I guess

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