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Anime Amino is free iOS app published by Narvii Inc.

Really great


Everyone is nice and amazing :)

Me like

The hunger games 5687

It great

Great app.

Sexy Senpai

I have been on there for 6 years and it has had its ups and downs. Overall it’s a good app to find people that love anime.

Very mad user,upset with the rules >:{


Honestly it’s stupid that you will get a strike or get your post taken down if you post something other than anime stuff.Like dude,what is the point in that?!I understand that it’s something that was made for anime but still,is it really necessary to do that?Its really annoying.Its not like the entire app will turn into something other than anime related content.All the other rules I’m completely fine with but this one is just retarded.Ive been using this app for a while and this is one out of the many things I don’t like.Like my friend was able to get into my acc without even using my password.You could at least warn people before hand.You need a lot of things to fix and I know this app will and never will be perfect.But still,you can try your hardest to make it enjoyable and not have stupid rules.

Anime amino


The app is nice and all but people have been rude and disrespectful to me and one person made fun of my disability and started saying your just lying and stuff like that doesn’t prove that you have autism also another person was like there’s no way your a girl you sound like a boy honestly if your gonna do voice chat be care id recommend anime unlocked it’s much safe and better than amino the creators of amino shouldn’t be letting people get away with saying racist , inappropriate, and insulting things to people



it’s the best way to make new friends who likes anime as well


A-x ..&@

I love it!!

Great app but


The app is great but to be a social media about anime only using an application is a minus points anime amino should also have a web browser because PC does much more then mobile and some ppl believe is not worth downloading an app on your phone, another problem is the polls I was trying to make a poll for the end of a year on a series I enjoy that have over 20 characters I couldn't do it because a poll gives you only up to 5 options maybe if anime amino is on pc I would be able to make all of the 25 characters in a single poll I had to make 5 separated polls, but in all anime amino is a great app were you can make friends that also love anime.

My thought

Curtis Kitchen

I like it


lol times 9000000000


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