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“Animal Flashcards” is our new educational game for little kids in which they learn animals playing 4 different games. Animals are represented in the form of flashcards, so it makes learning more demonstrative and effective. Playing our game game your baby will meet wild and domestic animals.
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Main features:
1) Kids learn 15 animals - a hippo, a wolf, a hedgehog, a hare, a kangaroo, a cow, a crocodile, a lion, a fox, a bear, a monkey, a sheep, a dog, an ostrich, a cat. The game contains both wild (a wolf, a fox and others) and farm animals (a cow, a sheep). Moreover, there are also animals from different climate zones, for example, a wolf, a fox, a bear, a hare live in the Deciduous, Coniferous and Mixed forests while such animals like a crocodile, a monkey live in the Rainforest. Also your kid will get to know predatory and herbivorous animals.
2) Kids can learn animals in several widespread languages of the world - English, Spanish, Russian and some others. So, your toddler will enrich his or her vocabulary on the topic “animals” and learn many foreign words. The game is voiced by native speakers with perfect pronunciation and clear diction.
3) Playing the game your baby will train fine motor skills, develop ingenuity, imagination, perseverance, attentiveness and other skills that will help to study better at school in the future.
4) There are 4 educational animal games in the app. All these games contain flashcards and are aimed to teach and fix the received knowledge. Here are these mini games:
- In the 1st game the child should to turn over 3 animal flashcards showing each animal from the front, rear and side view. Clicking the turned cards your baby will hear the name of the animal in the selected language.
- In the 2nd game the child sees a card with either the head part or the rear part of a certain animal and 3 cards with the rear or front part respectively. The baby should choose the right card to accomplish the animal body.
- In the 3d game there are 6 cards with images of animals of showing either front or back part. The task is put 2 cards presenting the same animal into the center of the screen.
- In the 4th game there are 7 flashcards with animals on the screen. Then follows a voice asking to show a certain animal. The baby should perceive by ear the name of the animal and find it.
The game has a simple and intuitive interface so even little kids will easily understand how to play it.
Thank you for choosing our game for your baby! We look forward to your reviews on the App Store and emails to [email protected]


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