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Angry Ninja Run - Free Multiplayer Running Game

Welcome to Angry Ninja Run - an exciting, fast-paced and addictive multiplayer running game...can you handle the speed?
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Angry Ninja Run is a new and addictive running game that will push you to your limits and will leave you at the edge of your seat as you jump, roll and zip through the air at unbelievable speeds. Within everyone is a hidden warrior, a ninja of speed and accuracy - unlock your potential and test your finger dexterity.

Can you handle the immense speed of the ninja? As you run through the indoor warehouse, you will have to slyly avoid obstacles without slowing down. Jump over gaps and soar through the air as you use your ninja tactics to go further and faster than ever before! Reflexes will be needed as obstacles draw a thin line between life and death! How will you fare under pressure?

This fierce adventure is unlike anything you have ever seen before - with stunning, 2D graphics and an immense control scheme, Angry Ninja Run will keep you entertained for hours on end! Collect Ninja Stars and enjoy the excitement of Angry Ninja Run!

Do you have enough ninja reflexes to rise to the challenge? Find out in Angry Ninja Run!

- Fun and addictive; a great game for the whole family!
- Speed and agility; train your ninja reflexes!
- Strategy and skill; can you collect all of the ninja stars!
- Endless and crazy; Angry Ninja Run is an endless game of finger dexterity!


Angry Ninja Run!

It's Awesome!! Fun to play with others. The game had great graphics!

Angry Ninja Run cool app!

Great free game to play with others. Love the music, too!

Great game!
Flyboy 777 7

Fun game to play & awesome graphics!

He's a ninja and he's angry. Look out !
Bob Mahan

Get this game. Dominate your friends. Turn you inner ninja loose.

run ninja run!

multiplayer rocks

Love running games

Fun running game plus ninjas, love it!!

Needs a lot more work
Axel wolf16

This game is awfull adds always pop up making you die and it's not that responsive

So much fun

I love this game endless fun!

Oh yea

This is such a fun game I love it


This is the dumbest game i ive ever played