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What!!! Despite of all the channels like Discovery, National Geography and Animal Planet running 24/7 you still think that Hippos are just big Dumb stupid lumps.
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Let’s Get the Facts Straight:
The hippopotamus is one of the most aggressive creatures in the world and is often regarded as the most ferocious animal in Africa. Hippo jaws are capable of biting a 10-foot crocodile in two. Despite their stocky shape and short legs, they can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour and can easily outrun a human.

Lets get a little closer and experience how an Angry Hippo looks like.


Hippo obsessed

You guys are obsessed with hippos who would win Ina fight saltwater croc and lion vs 1 baby hippo and 1 mommy hippo I downloaded this game and I find the description insulting calling us idiots


Kids are enjoying. No in app purchases which we like.