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Angry Gorilla Bigfoot Monster

Prepare yourself for this thrilling contest that is big foot gorilla along with their family in the jungle. So your task is to save the family of gorilla from other wild animals such as zebra, rhino, goat and eagles. Eagle have to catch the gorilla son, so go and get back the gorilla son. Multiple amazing tasks to do in the jungle and show your fight skills to win the fight against the other wild animals of the forest. Enhance your power by drinking the water and kill the rhino, wild goat, and other zebra. SO be the care taker for your family to feed them and save them from other wild animals.
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Games Muhammad Akram iPhone, iPad, iPod

* Key Features *
Multiple tasks to do as a gorilla Kong in the forest
Save your family from other wild animals
Enjoy to play with bigfoot along with 3D graphics and animations that will give you more fun
Start fight with the rhino, zebra and king lion


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