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Angry Fish Hunting - Sea Shark Spear-fishing Game

****Sharks are the king of deep ocean! Now Sharks have came back to take the revenge***
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Games Free Syed Usman Shah iPhone, iPad, iPod

Sharks are hungry and wants to eat the food, Be aware! and save yourself in this action packed aquatic sea land.

Explore and hunt the sea monsters in the underwater world. Sharks have gone mad, this time they are attacking the entire underwater world, use your sniper gun and shoot them before they attack on you.

Take Control on Deadly monster Shark! They all are blood thirsty and ants to eat you, hunt and shoot all sharks and clear the ocean from all sea predators. Don't miss a single a shot unless you will loose this game.

Download Now "Hungry Fish Hunting to hunt the sea animals like Sharks, Piranha and Megalodon. You'll Experience a wonderful aquatic adventure.

~~~Let's Start to be hunt~~~

Immerse yourself in diverse hunting environments and explore the underwater world!!! Watch out for attacking Shark!

Choose from a variety of customizable Guns such as the Rifle, Shotgun, Crossbow and more!

Select your favorite sniper gun, The arrows on the left let you move forward, backward, left and right. Your goal is to hunt the sea predators in a given time.

Game Features Includes:
* Optimized 3D graphics for ios devices
* Real action packed game
* Real-life Shark hunting experience
* Collect gems to unlock new levels
* Realistic Cool sounds effect
* GAME CENTER Achievements and Leaderboard.
* Beat and Compare your Score with your friends
* Don't miss a single Shot or you will end up losing this hunting season

Survive as long as possible by hunting sharks that gets in your way!

Come and join "Hungry Fish Hunting - Sea Shark Spear-fishing Games" Play as much as you like!

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you lose

if you don’t Watch a video for gold you lose I am never playing this game in my life


Way to me adds

It’s so hard and difficult do a better job

I hit the shark it said I missed tilt is the only way I can play but tilt is so hard

Bjorn is cool

You copy righted guns from a different game


It’s really fun

Good game

This is a good game but the graphics are bad and can you guys more time

Don’t waste your time

I opened the app and IMMEDIATELY had to watch a 30 second ad... DELETED RIGHT AWAY


This game won't even play. It keeps shutting down.

Good game

Nice shark game


Not bad, needs a little work; but ok.