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Angle Reader is a game where you guess the angle between 2 lines. There are multiple difficulty levels so it is suitable for all ages!
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Education Free Chelsea Farley iPhone, iPad, iPod

The "Easy" level gives you a 20 degree margin of error.
The "Moderate" level gives you a 10 degree margin of error.
The "Hard" level gives you a 5 degree margin of error.
Finally, the "Insane" level requires you to guess the angle exactly right.

Your scores will be saved to iCloud if it is enabled, so you can keep track of your best score on multiple devices. Are you ready for a challenge that will test your accuracy and angle guessing skills? Try it with a protractor, or by sight for the experienced angle readers!

Angle Reader free is great for those trialling the app, but there are several reasons you should consider upgrading to the full app:
* Maintain access to all parts of the app without internet access!
* Use the app without any advertisements!
* Support the developer!

If you are interested in the full version, you can find it here:


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