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Ancient Empire: Strike Back

The fantastic thrilling turn-based strategy sequel, Ancient Empire II, Strike back. Based in the fantasy realm of Thorin, you control two royal brothers: King Galamar and Valadorn, as they seek to save their kingdom from an evil shadow demon. What this translates into is eight levels of Advance Wars-style tactical battle, pitting your modest range of units (soldiers, archers, catapults, poisonous wolves) against the enemy's vast forces.
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- Improved AI.
- There's a skirmish mode where you can get together with a mate and take a series of quick hit battles.
- Map editor is available. Create your own maps for more pleasure from the game.

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This is a fun game
I phone 4 ios5

I wish it have more unit type to choose from

Great port!!!!

I've been searching for an iOS version of this game for years. I used to play it on my old razor, great port!!!


Best turn-based strategy -rpg i ever seen!


This isn't really a great or original game, but it was the only one of its kind on Java way back... It's like getting the first call of duty on you iPhone)))


Thanks for bring our childhood's memory back! I really appreciate this!