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You can control your wifi camera with “AMK-icam”.Like remote viewfinder/preview,capture/video record,and view photo album.
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Photo & Video Free Ou Jinchong iPhone, iPad, iPod


Doesn't connect to my sj5000

The app just freezes, still

Works great but locks up after trying to delete pictures/videos.

Works great but locks up after trying to delete pictures/videos.


All around decent camera but hope they change app so can turn on/off dont like how shuts off after 3mins of no use

So far so good

Initial reactions are that this is a decent app, and will work well with the camera. You cant be on the internet at the same time as using the camera though, since it uses a local wifi. Just need to remember to turn on/off the wifi on the camera. Also, an apple watch app would be great as well to control the device w/o having to take out my phone.

Decent enough interface, great functionality.
semi-enthusiastic user

It gets the job done. I was having some issues with iOS 10 earlier, but the newest version fixes this issue and it works great now. No issues whatsoever.


Rubbish after 3 to 5 minutes the Wi-Fi connection is lost and when I try to connect again the app won't start, I have to reboot constantly both devices, The second problem is when I try to press videos or photos from amk cam to my phone ...... YOU PEOPLE NEED TO FIX THIS even with the updates the bugs are still there

Too many bugs

It may be at the camera end, but some of the problems I have encountered include, dropped connection, difficulty reconnecting, inability to download video, inability to view video, and spotty ability to control the camera. I don’t know why I am having this many problems as there is virtually no configuration needed, but this is really not reliable at all for my AMK7000.

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