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Join the fastest growing Yo-kai Watch community for fans of the anime, manga, and games. Discuss your theories, meet other fans, share fan art, and even roleplay.
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Social Networking Free Narvii Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

- CHAT with other Yo-kai fans and meet new people all over the world
- DISCOVER new Yo-kai trivia and art
- GET the latest Yo-kai Watch news and updates
- SHARE your fan art and creations
- LEARN from and CONTRIBUTE to our Yo-kai Watch catalog - a wiki of all things Yo-kai Watch



Yo-Kai Watch amino is a GREAT way to meet up with other fans, everybody is so nice and when I do have a problem, staff are always there to fix it. There are many challenges to participate in and it's a great way to get help along the game and hear about the lastest news.

Yo-Kai Amino Rating
Bluejay Silver

Yo-Kai Amino was a 4-star and was really cool until I got in trouble for giving away an unreleased Yo-Kai but this community is to overprotective and people asked for it so I'm giving it to them. People are only trying to have fun.

great community!

as a fan of yokai watch, i was very suprised to see how welcoming the community is; i like to post my art there and discuss the series with people! its a great way to have yokai watch fans come together 🤓


This app is really fun because you get to express yourself on these apps. It's really fun to talk about yokai watch. If u don't like yokai watch then they have other apps too. You can also make new friends too


Good if you like yokai watch

I love this app

This app is so good You can give friend codes battle trade and lots more

Worst amino ever
Keldeo gamer22

Leader banned me for no reason. Worst amino ever. Everyone bullies you and blocks you over something there not even envolved in.Most of them don't even like you. The leader is from the UK. And just see for yourself what everyone did to me by asking people. I hate it and I'm a huge fan of yo Kai watch.😾

Great Social app

A great way to connect with others, trade with other yo-Kai fans and even Roleplay (if you are into that) I suggest to join this community

It's great & active

Still growing but it's fun and active community!