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Instantly stream thousands of movies and TV shows at no additional cost with your Amazon Prime membership. Watch any video rented or purchased from the more than 200,000 titles available from Amazon Instant Video.
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Prime members also get unlimited streaming of exclusive Amazon Originals. Watch Transparent — winner of two Golden Globes for "Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy" and "Best Actor in a TV Series, Musical or Comedy," the new hit show, Mozart in the Jungle, and original children’s series Creative Galaxy and Tumble Leaf.

With Amazon Instant Video, you can:
• Stream thousands of Prime Instant Video titles at no additional cost with a Prime membership, or watch videos you’ve bought or rented from the Amazon Instant Video website.
• Download purchased and rented videos from Your Video Library for offline viewing on the go when you don’t have a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.
• Watch on your Apple TV using AirPlay (requires Apple TV 2nd generation or later).
• Watch on your TV using HDMI and your Apple Digital AV Adapter.
• Stream the first episode of selected TV shows for free. First Episode Free videos include advertising before and during your videos.
• Add videos to Your Watchlist from any Amazon Instant Video compatible device for later viewing on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. 

The Amazon Instant Video app now supports streaming videos with both Wi-Fi and mobile data plans. The app is designed for an unmodified version of iOS.


Amazon really really hate Apple

I’m writing a review here on my iPhone because I can’t even figure out how to write one on my Apple TV. Being unable to write a review, or to even read anyone else’s reviews, is most certainly impacting the timbre of the following thoughts. We all know that Apple and Amazon are rivals. I don’t care, and it shouldn’t be my problem. I’ll reiterate, it shouldn’t involve me or any other customer. By intentionally making your product (the Prime app for Apple TV) operate poorly on Apple’s system, the ONLY…..THE ONLY thing you accomplish is to paint your company with an air of pettiness and undesirability. But I’ll try get to my point. Many updates ago, when I first got Apple TV, roughly 10 years ago; while using the Prime app, customers were unable to read the full description of any program. My internet search quickly led me to join the common belief that it was intentional because Amazon wanted you to use their branded streaming interface, rather than Apple. In annoyance, I immediately started to look for programming on every other app and only used Prime as a last resort. Then, things got better when they fixed that particular issue - so I started looking at Prime more often. That was, until I tried to rent a streaming movie and couldn’t. I could not figure out how. I tried to read how but found no answers, until I finally got so bored one day that I called customer service and sat on hold for an hour so I could learn why. “You have to log into your Amazon account on your computer and order your program.” I was told. “But I don’t have a computer! I just have iPhones and iPads.” I explained. “Well you can’t currently order Prime programming that way.” ????!!!! Whatever. Back to my other apps. Eventually they remedied that ridiculousness, and sent me many emails to make sure I knew. Good idea. I came back…. Until today, that is. I recently got hooked on a show and binged the first season. It turns out that my Prime membership only entitles me to watch the first season. Subsequent seasons are extra $$. It feels like a bait ‘n’ switch. In annoyance I looked at other Prime programming (strictly because I had already struck out with other streaming options) and discovered a familiar irritating flaw. The app has reverted to having no way to read the entire description of any program. Well, Amazon, if this nonsense somehow plays into your grand plan - I guess you’ve succeeded. I now fully understand that your relationship with Apple is more infantile than my elementary school sibling rivalry with my brothers. I applaud you for your dedication to a monumental level of childishness. Bravo. I bow to the royalty of the short-sighted. But you make billions of dollars and I don’t, so I’m probably the fool. And it seems that I spent way too much time on this rant, so you even inadvertently fooled me into dominating tonight’s entertainment - even if it didn’t involve using the Prime app. Please send novelty jester hat….but only if it has free Prime delivery.

Five Stars

Excellent views!

Love Amazon and everything on it!

Online store, in person store, market store, Whole Foods, prime… everything comes handy!

Great TV & Movies

I have watched many videos of different types and if I don’t like it then I can take it off my Watch list. I can watch them over again. Just like Bosch which I have watched at least 4 times and I always come away with something that I missed the 1st time. Also there’s a lot of older videos that I didn’t have time for when I was working full time now if it’s interesting like mystery type videos that are my favorite videos just like when I used to read more books than TV show’s now I have a choice of what I choose to watch.

Excellent quality & Great content
Venkat rapolu

I love watching Movies and TV shows on amazon. Plethora of content. You will sure find the content of your mood.

Glitches out

Everytime I try to use prime video it ends up kicking me out and restarting the whole device. This has been happening ever since I first got it and it needs to change.


Who is writing your code? My iPhone 12 Pro Max with the latest OS won’t run your app AT ALL and my fire stick AND smart TV have assorted issues but content wont play at all. Do yourself a favor and get Bamnet or some advanced streaming tech company to sort your stuff out it’s incredulous.

dark reviews

No matter how much I try it won’t even let me make and account I have tried for 2 hours and I tired then when I do get it finally it kicks me out and won’t let me back in I fed up already with the app

Good and bad
Time's Valuable

I watch something on Prime daily. What I don’t like are the ads for shows with dark themes and those with swearing and inappropriate themes. Yes, there really are some of us left and I wish I could set filters for ads for their own shows.

5/5 or 4/5

I really love the app , I just never can quickly clearly see what I am CURRENTLY WATCHING , I would love for that feature to be a bit clearer and accurate. If I press play on a show and have to then step away (mobile/tablet watcher), I can’t always remember which Title I just fell in love with or was intrigued by and start watching Again! ??? maybe it’s just me lol

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