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Expand your music collection with Amazon Music that includes Prime Music.
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Prime members enjoy unlimited, ad-free access to over a million songs, expert-programmed Prime Playlists, and ad-free Prime Stations for FREE. Listen anytime, add to your collection or download to play offline.

Deciding what to listen to is simple:
• Start an ad-free station by a genre or an artist and enjoy unlimited skips. The more you listen, the more personalized your stations get.
• Find playlists by genre, artist or the top 50s programmed by music experts. We've done the work for you so you don't have to.
• Discover something new with song and album recommendations personalized just for you.
• Search or Browse through the Prime Music catalog.

In addition to Prime Music, the free Amazon Music app lets you stream your music library from the cloud or play locally on your iOS device:
• Play music you’ve bought from Amazon – MP3 or AutoRip CDs or Vinyl. Your Amazon purchases are stored for free in the Amazon cloud.
• Import your iTunes music collection to the Amazon cloud by visiting on your PC or Mac. Once imported, the music is available on your iOS device and all other Amazon Music apps.
• Play music already stored on your iOS device – you can mix with Prime Music songs to make the playlist of your dreams!

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It disappeared and can’t use it!


Totally agree...turn off the TV and turn on Amazon Music. Easy to navigate through the enormous library of various genres.

Keeping it all Prime

Prime has made it so much easier to get packages! If that’s all it was I was satisfied! But now we can watch movies and stream music—as one reviewer said, “the soundtrack of our youth,” and learning from my son what will one day be the soundtrack of his youth! And sometimes we both like the same thing from his playlist or mine! So I’m grateful to Amazon for this feature that makes recovering my old “albums” (and 8-tracks and cassette mix-tapes!) possible without breaking the bank to replace them all. We LOVE Prime everything! Thank you Amazon. You make us more tolerable to our son since we’re “the ONLY ones in the world who don’t have cable!” Ever. I’m glad to say! Less drama, more Prime!

Love variety

I can play DJ for my kids and hubby while we ate on road trips and most songs we pick are available.

Music lover

Love Amazon Music. Just found it couple months ago. So glad I did.

If you can't find the genre of music you listen to with this app, it doesn't exist.

I love finding songs I've not thought of for years!

Amazon Music

This is one of those "freebies" amazingly no one seems to know about. Prime music is included in your amazon prime membership and is right up there with stand alone paid subscription music services like Sirius/XM and pandora or Spotify to me. No commercials, the ability to modify and build your own playlists and you can even download music for offline play.


You'll love it if you spend $9.99 to get unlimited...otherwise it's worthless.

Used to love this app
Disney fan 89

I have used this app for a long time, and have enjoyed uploading my own music in addition to purchasing music, however, I just found out that amazon will no longer allow uploading our own music. This is very disappointing. Will look into google to upload my music. Will not be using this any longer

12+ age rant


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