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********** Free Dot Jumping Game! ************
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******** Addicting Puzzle Hopping Fun **********

Looking for some intense dot-jumping action? This amazing puzzle game is sure to get you musical inclination hooked.

Test your skills and reflexes. Tap on your screen to make the circle jump. Decide on whether to go left or right. Make sure to choose wisely. This is a difficult game yet fun an amazingly addictive.

Do you have what it takes to win?


* Simplistic user interface
* Great physics engine
* Single tap control
* Multiple difficulty levels
* Fun for all ages

Flex those fingers and get your game on!

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Perfect mix of piano and puzzle game!!!!!!
@@[email protected]@

This is a great game!!! So far the best and most addictive game ever. If you have insane skill for these tapping the iPhone type of game, then this is it!!!!! Download it and you'll never regret it. I'm glad that some developer are giving away for free..... I give developer big credit for such a well designed game a mix of piano and adventure of tap puzzle game...... The game is great, and it have a ability to challenge your skill so go and take the challenge!!!!!

I'm in love with this game!!!!!

I found this app to be very amusing and fun, download, it worth it. The game is so realistic and handling of the dot is just outstanding even the piano play when we tap the screen to give direction to dot. This simple game is easy to use and very fun to play which piano....... There are lots of mode in game which give you chance to play the game and even piano according to you mood..... I'm in love with this game!!!!

Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!

First of all, I like the sound tack a lot!!! In fact it is a piano I love to play both game and piano that to at the same time..... Very creative must say!!!! Other is the control, it is just perfect I know it will need some practices to get in track.... But any how after 5-6 game I will be in track..... The game has every thing in it great game play, awesome sound effect, and perfect control just you have to show your skill and score high in game by going far in game...... I recommend this game to everyone!!!!!!

[email protected]#@#@#

DOTS DOTS DOTS!! Very addictive gameplay, with lots of pure and easy going fun. Love to play this gam with my neice as i got this game from her only she loves this game very much and with her i also become addicted as she lives with me only!! She is sweet and beautiful , she asks me once to try this game out from then i become addicted to this sweet game !! VERY GOOD ONE!!

Wonderful game!!!!! Sweet

Nice to play and very hard in the beginning , I loved this dots material game very much, since downloaded I am continuously playing and didn't get bored as game is quite interesting very cool and beautiful game, every one should download and have fun, quick to start without any loading time fun!!!! I love playing this game Long and got sticky to this game, love this app. Sweet!!!

Jump dot jump..!!

I like the concept very addictive and challenging. It's one of the toughest game on the App Store. At first, it looks so hard but it's easy after few tries, you just constantly tap to jump. It's great when you are bored or have lots of spare time. The game itself is extremely fun. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

It's Ok

It's ok but there should be an option to turn the clapping noise off and keep the piano sounds on.

Baby it's a nice game

It's very difficult in the beginning but once you started you love this piano game with purple theme. Best game with cool graphics and sound love playing this for hours make me busy and I never feel bored as it is full of entertainment . I am addicted to this wonderful app with new concept and totally different from others games.

In love with this game........
[email protected]@@

Wonderfully amazing with full of entertainment. I spend my spare hours playing this game as this game keeps me busy and I feel amazing playing this game. I love the background music while playing listening to the music my little daughter starts laughing sweetly this is the best part I like while playing.

Happy with this game......
Michael CasinoRoyale123#

Worlds best game on my iPhone, Very new strategy and I am playing this type of game for first time and it's become my favourite. The game is top rated with colourful graphics and cute sound. That's why I love playing this game long. Full of fun lovely game. Sounds are great it feels good to play this game and with specific time to score good points.