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Here's a collection of Amazing Facts & Trivia!

- Huge Collections of Amazing Facts categorized in Alphabetical Order
- Ability to favorite the facts you like & want to remember
- Ability to share the facts with friends and others via email, social media, etc.

Why should you use it?
- You get to know some cool facts and it doesn't even bore you unlike typical learning stuff
- Instead, you can use this app to kill your boredom and have fun
- All the facts are in tidbits (short sentences & one liners), so they're easy to remember, share or even to be used as reference.

So what are you waiting for? Get your daily dose of Amazing Facts & Trivia now, for free!


Not kid appropriate!!!

There are facts about oral sex and other content.

very useful app
vu trung hieu

very useful app , i highly recommend use it.

Excellent app!

I knew about many interesting things! Thanks developer!

Really Interesting!

I've used many 'fact apps' on the App Store, and this one is truly fantastic! The interface is very clean and easy to navigate. A++


Nice facts did not know that much about Bill Gates before.

Super cool

This app have some very cool facts tht I've never even thought of!! Awesome


A lot of the facts feature "code" that makes it annoying to read through.

Great app!

I love all of the sections of facts it has, I would really like it if there was a search bar for them.

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