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Back to school my students! Listen and repeat: A for Apple, B for Bee, C for Cake, D for Dolphin, E for Elephant...
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Education Free Wutichai Choomalaiwong iPhone, iPad, iPod

"ABC Learn to Write and Phonics the Alphabet" is a universal app for iPad/iPhone/iPod that teaches kids about letters, how letters relate to sounds, and even how to spell words.
This game is easy to use, your child will start confidently learning their alphabet within seconds, and they can practice both of uppercase and lowercase letters.
It is the best way to learn English Alphabet and provides hours of fun.

“ABC Learn to Write and Phonics the Alphabet” is an exciting educational game that helps your child rapidly learn the ABC English Alphabet by sight, sound, and touch.
The game includes beautiful illustrations, each matched with entertaining sounds and high-quality recordings of letters and words.

It is a hand-on memorable learning experience for kids, toddlers and preschoolers, every letter is a unique, interactive toy!

The application features a beautiful, bright, colorful design and a child-friendly interface.
All the items to be manipulated are large enough to be easily grasped by children's fingers and no complicated menus have to be accessed by a child in order to play the game on his or her own.

- learn the english alphabet letters
- uppercase letters
- learn to pronounce each alphabet letters
- designed for toddlers
- colorful images
- beautiful scenes
- Phonic Sounds

Have fun!

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Worst app ever

The title of the review says it all. Don’t waste your time on this most pathetic app.

“N” wrong, pronunciation accent

All letter capital except “n”. Accent is unusual for my 3 year old to repeat properly. Tracing of letters must be in a specific order, different than she naturally wants to write. Touch screen not always responsive.

Emilie Fr.

Touch screen doesn’t work well at sensing when child runs finger over the letter. Also it moves on to the next letter unprompted so we don’t have time to go over the sound and word associated with each letter.


The UI is barely usable, and it populates ads in between each letter. Great learning environment! This is the worst.

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