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Along the Way - Route Search

Search your route for anything including coffee, food, parks, shops, arts, campgrounds, hotels, aquariums, museums, zoos, amusement parks, gas stations, car repair shops, and more... all along the way! It's a smarter way to search. Find and discover venues, attractions, and gems along the way to your destination.
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Travel $2.99 SKYCATCHFIRE LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Looking for a “Starbucks”, “pizza” or a “museum"? Just hit search to find exactly what you’re looking for along the way.

Featured in these fine publications:
• The New York Times
• The Boston Globe
• Fox News
• Good Housekeeping
• Real Simple

Browse categories along the way like:
• Coffee
• Food
• Parks
• Shops
• Art Galleries
• Campgrounds
• Lodging and Hotels
• Aquariums
• Zoos
• Amusement Parks
• Gas Stations
• Car Repair Shops
• or Search for anything!

Get details for attractions along the way like:
• Ratings and Tips
• Photos
• Hours
• Directions
• Menus and pricing
• and more!

And it works anywhere in the world! If there are roads, Along the Way can travel with you. Join the many thousands of happy road travelers using Along the Way to discover new places while taking road trips all over the world.

Download now to use it on your next trip to find food, sights, recreation, and much more along the way to your destination.


IMPORTANT: Using your phone while driving is dangerous and even illegal in some states. Do your searching while parked or let one of your passengers navigate.


Great idea, not going to work for us.

We’re doing a lot of traveling across the country, and we like to time our Starbucks stops. This only allows you one destination, and minimal route options. It also only allows you to find coffee, but doesn’t allow you to be specific. I don’t want McDonald’s or random local shops, so it ended up giving me too much useless info. I love this idea, but I guess I’ll have to keep hunting for a shortcut when planning our stops.


Neat idea, but not very helpful. Needs better organization. Some of the "sights to see" are just random buildings like a hospital or high school. Also should show options father out from the road. Only shows places very close to your path. A little mad I actually wasted money on this.

Worthless; glorified GPS

Wish I could have a refund! :((( this is nothing more than a glorified GPS powered by FourSquare. A church is not a "sight to see" along the way. Not worth paying $3 for!!! :( ugh.

Not Impressed...

Not impressed...never showed any sightseeing stops, then we would pass some driving by. Will still give it a try, but I still like Around Me app better.

No bicycle integration!

No bike route integration AND the first address I searched I had no results!! Definitely feeling like I wasted $3!!!

Is there even anything listed?
Flappy Chuck

I am driving from my hometown--which happens to be a tourist resort itself with dozens of things to see--halfway across the country. With a good portion of it being along Route 66. Today's route shows there's absolutely nothing on this app and there are hundreds of places along the way! There is a better app for this.

No points of interest!

This was a horrible app! I thought it would tell me unique and interesting things to do and see (i.e. waterfalls, historical landmarks, art installations) but when I typed in the routes for the 3 trips my family was taking this summer, it would only show us the obvious: hospitals, gas stations and chain eateries. Not at all worth your money!

Very buggy and slow

App has crashed the first four times and when it has not crashed, it takes close to two minutes to populate the results. Waste of $3

Seriously one of my favorite apps

I use this app for every road trip and vacay my family takes and, lately, I’ve been using it just to find niceties in areas around the town I live in. We road trip to Seattle from Montana several times a year and we have literally updated our usual route based on some cool places we found with this app. Can’t wait for this version 3 that is supposedly coming out soon!

I wish I hadn't spent money on this.
songs are yummy

Keeps crashing. Very slow... I really didn't want to give this one star.. Hence me giving it two. I'm just super disappointed I bought this.

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