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An interesting story for kids 5-8 years old. Aliens visit the Earth, and one of them, a small alien kid named Bobby, gets lost. He gets to know human children, and they together build a flying saucer to get Bobby back home. The story's plot includes lots of educational tasks and mini-games which the child needs to solve to progress with the story. These tasks train memory, attention, logic, spatial intelligence, concentration and imagination.
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The application's author is a child psychologist and a professional in preschool and elementary school education. She included the most engaging tasks in this game. The mini-games are also available as a standalone list – each game with 4 levels of difficulty.


Makes reading fun!

I like that you make your arms and fingers work while you read. I also think it is creative and unique . I also like that there is a cake at one point. I hope more stories come out like this. One thing I didn’t like was it seemed like the alien mom never looked at her kids.

Cute game

Kids liked it