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Alfabetik Karagöz - Word Game

Alfabetik Karagoz - New Word game much entarnaining new mobile game.
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Our game main characters Karagoz and Hacivat.The intelligent Game Karagoz goal is making words with random letters. Totally 65 thousand English word supplies for gamers widely word mining
While you are playing game put youself to Hacivat and with patience teach Karagoz How to read. One of each word that you teach to Karagoz makes points for you and takes you further on the map so you can beat your friends.

Story of Game

Karagoz got a letter from his daughter whose name is Bet and he couldnt read and this makes him very upset. He decides to learn how to read and goes to street for looking someone who teaches him how to read and he come across with Hacivat and tell the story to Hacivat and tell him wants to learn how to read. Hacivat accepts to teach him and advanture begins.

This is not word game that you used to know. Here some of specifacitons of this game

● You can unite words all of the way.Up,down and cross all of the way
● Bright and Brillant magnificent Graphics
● The Hero that goes journey Legendary
● Powefull exploder will help you to take next level
● Very entertaining 71 level Connect to words
● Choose your own style.You can find long words or you can just handle just 3 letter words.Just be carefull with your movement number
● You can see on the map where your friends are
● You can send and request life from your friends
● About 65 thousand English words
● Easily syncronised with all of your devices

Version 1.5 Big Update:

● Added support for English language!
● Gospel! Now you can chat with other people who play the same level,
● You can suggest to add the words that you think is missing in the Game,
● Joker letters added, the letters you want wildcard character allows you to create 3 or 4 letter words,
● Messagebox button notification added.

You can contact with us following adresses and give us feedback.All of your feedback and missing words will be added first update

[email protected] -


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