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AirTycoon Online is paid iOS app published by TRADEGAME Lab Inc.

Best aviation game app


Best airline simulation game I've played! ATO nickname-guy739

Good game

Homer McFly

The overall play of the game is very good. The graphics and layout are easy to use and navigate. I would like to see more airports, more aircraft choices (both purchase and lease options), more realistic seating options, and the ability to set catering/service levels by class of service.

Air Tycoon Online


Great game, very challenging and fun

Super entertaing

First ever app review

Could be a Little bit better if it started in the 40s but still the game Has few flaws And runs smoothly

Competitive but fun


Nickname: aero_a. Username: a_americano This game is fun. The simulation and historical events added to a layer of realism to this simulation. It will probably take you a little time to find a niche in the game because of competitive nature of the opponents. This game is a good download.

Obsessed with this game!


This game is very realistic! Love it, especially the new upgrade of being able to have "codeshares". Really hoping next to be able to run real hubs (with connection passengers) and to be able to have a subsidiary airline (such as a regional airline). Either way this game is great! -benlstein



By far the best game I own on my IOS! Doran3

Great game!


Lots of fun, can't stop playing it. Similar to many tycoon games. User name: LoveTheWNBA

Good game


Good game 2013 - mathpi



User: Rifat