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Build your Fleet with 42 different real-world aircrafts , choose your base airport and fly to 5103 real destination. Change your Price policies according to changing fuel prices,build fleet according to your needs(low fuel consumption,high-range,little turnaround time etc..) and face competitors, negotiate big purchases to get discount for sale or lease of aircrafts,manage marketing campaigns to see its' effects on your airline management, buy new aircrafts to replace aged fleet to prevent paying high maintenance costs and many more ! This is not a simple buy sell airline management simulation but a detailed one hiden in thousands of lines of codes.!
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- 42 different real world aircrafts with all different range,fuel consumption,passenger capacity,turnaround time,crew and speed.
-Choose any real world base
-Fly to 5103 real airports all around the world with real ICAO codes and airport idents.
-Open routes from your base airport to destinations with real distance and time calculations and fly them with only capable aircrafts (you can't fly a long route with a narrow body aircraft)
-Hedge Fuel at the right time to increase profits
-Observe your routes with "Load Factor" and "Profit" values and schedule routes to any aircraft in your fleet.
-Increase your load factor values with decreasing price or flying to demandfull routes.
-Cut expenses with replacing old aircraft with new.
-Pay slot fees on opening new routes
-Set Different Prices for Different Routes
-Sell your purchased aircraft for higher prices when they are young, for lower prices when they are old.
-Start with $6,500,000 cash and build your airline management empire with Airline Boss !


Eh, pretty underrated...

To just give it to all of you haters, this is actually a pretty decent game. Pretty weird for most of you right? I had always wondered why it was hated so much, I mean this game has alot of potential and it got dumped on, so I played and I found out why. 2 Good Reasons are: 1. The 1 hour wait in the game is actually a bit of decent realism for the game, although I have to say there should be a bit more time to wait by 30 minutes would be best in my opinion.Like in,AirTycoon2 Online, they have the wait for 2 hours, which in my opinion is not bad, but should be less. 2. There is an easy way to get bigger as I found in game and it took a long time to find out.So I would not recommend this game for others until they give a tutorial on the system of this game and tips on how to get bigger. And i’d also like to mention some things that need to be fixed. 1. The graphics are probably one of the most common reasons why this game is a 1 star. They could use a real good lift. 2. There are many bugs I found, like an example is when i reset the game, and you’re base airport is in america, when I click next, it shows that i am going back to the american airport but end up in another country. IDK if it’s me or not.(The screen can also get really weird when i reset too.) 3. Make the game a bit easier for those not familiar with the system. Most of them won’t get it and they have to find it out themselves like i did. At least give them a tutorial. Last thing I’d like to say is that this can be a phenomenal game, if it is worked on more. It is very underrated and I like this game. So keep working and many others like me can like this game. (This took the amount of time a turn would take to proceed on as of writing this entire thing. ?)

victory toilet paper

Haven’t played yet so far bad


Seems like it would be a fun game but when I go to creat a route the game crashes please fix and I will give five stars

Worst. App. Ever.
Tippy toe Joe

Trash junk


Very slow

Zoo Tycoon for airlines

Learn how to run an airline and make big bucks or go bankrupt. Fun idea. Works fine but graphics could use a facelift. Interesting concept for high-schools and business team off-sites. Please keep develop idea. Thanks!!

Great concept needs work
Nikki KUrz

This game is a great concept but it needs a bit of work. It won't let me buy airlines or expand my routes. I don't know if that's any fault of mine or the developer. But there should be a little more info on game play on start up


How can you get money?????!!!!!

No bad

It's pretty slow unless you pay the four dollars for fast progression -then it's awesome I beat the game in like 4 hours and became huge!


The game has potential. However, there are multiple bugs. When you try and open international routes, it states you don't have enough money. Then you don't see it in the routes.

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