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Get ready for the World Air Hockey Championship!!! Choose your country and play against other nations for the ultimate National Air Hockey League gold trophy, or challenge a friend in 2 Player mode.
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Games Free Bobby Samadi iPhone, iPad, iPod

One of the most addictive air hockey games ever!!! The only air hockey free version which has a tournament mode that makes you want to play again and again.

Air Hockey Free outclasses any air hockey game (lite or pro) on the iPhone.

Many achievement trophies to be collected with some easy ones, some hard ones, and some in the form of a brain teaser. But they are all extremely fun to complete!!!

Three leaderboards category that lets you know how you stack up against your friends, family and against everyone else in the world!!!


- Outstanding physics and smooth game play
- Awesome and realistic graphics
- Spectacular gaming experience 
- Variety of paddle and puck choices
- Play against your friends in 2 Player mode 
- Tournament mode: compete as your favourite country against other nations
- Double Puck Mode
- Many game options and difficulty settings
- Continuous free upgrades
- Simply One Of The Best Air Hockey Games On The Market


- Online game play
- Suggestion Box on our website: Vote for the countries you would like to see added.
- Gallery of Paddles and Pucks on our website - the most voted pucks & paddles will be added to the game


Ok and hard

I like the game but now I thinks it's hard make it easiar


Seems fixed but fun


I Reported a problem 15 Days ago (2 weeks 1 day) and there has been no fix. Is it just my iPod or what. 0 stars because I can't play at all.

D Rose1bulls

I got this game today it seemed good until I tried playing and was confusing me that it wasn't even working and I don't get it

Puck f**

This game is way to hard need to make easier

I ❤ it!!?

I'm always at my friends house and I showed him this app and the first time he played he loved it!! And it really challenging so that make it fun. Also he loves to duel people!! To him this game is addicting to him probably.


I hate this game so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Love it
Crazy chick123456789

I live this game USA USA USA USA


Either I'm the worst player at this game in the world, or this game is way too hard

Ha Ha! x)
Jesus the King

U thought I was gonna fall 4 that, i dont think so... n i still wipped those large country teams even with a 1 star team. Anyways its not worth buying this crappy app, get air hockey gold instead. Trololololololololololololololol

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