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A fan of Air Hockey said: "Vastly superior to other air hockey apps out there! Had downloaded and deleted 2 others before I heard about yours."
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Games Free Sharkable Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

- Play Air Hockey on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch!
- It's free!
- Play two players on the same device, or challenge the computer!
- Features a story by Joey Comeau!

Some of the feedback we've heard from players:

- "By far the best air hockey game ever and for FREE!"
- "I love this game."
- "Great work!"
- "Excellent game."



Great air hockey game, goo 2 player mode, runs smoothly even with 7 pucks on the table

So fun
John mclaughlin

I love the 7 pucks option. Its so fun! Great job!


i love the concept. No other table hockey game allows up to 7 pucks, and the multiplayer is a bonus. However, the finger physics is not good and no matter how fast i move my finger, the puck goes slow. If finger physics are improved this will be 5-star

Not Bad!

I like the display and graphics, and there weren't any freezes/lags. However, the controls were a little sluggish. My finger moved faster than the goaltending red/blue blocker, which would often trail behind my finger (kind of like slow motion). I wish the controls were more sensitive/up to speed, as it makes a difference in this kind of speed game. Other than that though, I like the presentation very much! Looking forward to more updates!

Pretty good

Pretty good free app but is it bat if I lost on 2 player and was not moving one of them

And It Wins a Golden Cup

If you put this in glowing neon colors it would win three golden cups,two gold medals,and FIVE GOLDEN STARS!!!


Table is to small =/

Could be alot better

It's a very difficult game as the opponent always slams the puck as hard as it can rather simply pushing. It's nearly impossible playing on Good difficulty.


it has no fun in it but i liked the idea of 7 poks on the table

Great physics
Digital Resistance

The pacing was a little off and the ads appeared on more then one page. Other than that, this game is what I would expect a top ranking free air honkey game to be.

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