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Agent for iOS is the fastest, most secure chat app that is packed with features! Meet up in a video chat, keep in touch with unlimited texting and calling. Use fun stickers and emoticons for texting, send video and picture messages for free. Stay in touch with friends and family, always for free in mobile Agent!
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Start using free chat in Agent without registration, just enter your phone number and get a message with your login code. It’s both easy and secure and you don’t need to worry about remembering your login and password.

Smile to each other in a free video chat. Meet up even if you’re on different sides of the planet – you’re just one video call away. Thanks to free video chat you can cross any borders and be close to friends and family.

A call might take a minute or an hour, but in Agent it’s always free! Make free calls and talk as long as you want, without worrying about time and rates. Use unlimited free calling to other Agent users all over the world.

Send free text messages to your friends, enjoy unlimited texting and forget about paying for SMS. Try Agent now and it will become your favorite free text messaging app. Invite your friends or search people and make friends.

With Agent, you can also send free SMS messages to mobile numbers right from the chat window. Send free SMS messages when your friends are offline. Free SMS messages can be sent to most mobile numbers in Russia and CIS.

Enjoying the view or adoring a cute puppy? Capture the moment and share photos and videos with friends. Use multimedia messaging in Agent, it’s fast and free.

Chat is more fun with stickers and emoticons. With over 100 stickers and smiley faces for texting you’ll find a perfect one for any situation. Agent has the best emoticons and stickers for messages!

Transform the way Agent looks with one click — choose your favorite theme from our collection. Change chat background to match your mood.

Use Agent on any device. Agent is available for all mobile platforms (for phones and tablets) and for Windows and Mac OS.

Get Agent, the universal messenger that can do it all! There are no ads and no hidden costs, Agent is always free. Try now, invite your friends and start using the best free calling and messaging app! It is best to use Agent with unlimited data plan. Free calls are supported on Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE connections.

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It’s really a good app
Funtime foxy and Funtime Fred

It’s a good app, I have an IPhone and my friend has an android so it makes it easier to FaceTime her.

Health & Other things

I'm the agent on the case. Thank you, Casey Swingle

There are rapists and pedofiles on this app.

I was not careful and downloaded this app for my daughter. She is a minor. Some old pedofile messaged her. His default picture was a picture of buildings. He messaged her and asked her if she was made or female and her age. She told him her gender and her age. He then asked her to send pictures with her clothes off!!!! She the came to me and I told him I was going to report him. His screen name is Vevivi!!!!! Please get rid of this app!! It is garbage and there are pedofiles running wild on this site.

This app is awesome!!!
the 1 the only THE MAN

I got this app so I can chat with my girlfriend and so for it has been amazing it barely ever lags and it has high quality features it is awesome you should download

Great app

Hi I really like the app and it is really cool cause when I try to talk to people that have a different phone then me I just can use this app to talk to them and we use the face filters and we will create stickers and use them and I would definitely recommend this app it is really helpful, fun, creative, and a great way to Communicate so if your looking for a app to contact people I would definitely recommend this app and shoutout to the creators for making this you did a great job on this and I use it all the time so definitely recommended it

Multiple Accounts

I really loved this app before - it was slower and etc but the main reason I was using it was that I could use all accounts together without switching between them . I’d be forever thankful if that function would be added!!

C’est très belle sites..!


Calls don’t go through

My family calls and I don’t see the incoming and vice versa

The updating problem

The Icq Updates to much before it comes chat

Inappropriate experience

My friend downloaded this app and she is now traumatized we are very young and she got and inappropriate text from a really older man that she does not not know I think that you should not be able to text and add people that you do not know after texting the guy for about four days on the fifth day he sends her a picture of his private parts do not get this app and if u do do not talk to strangers on it