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Africa View is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Total disaster


CNN and their blackmail attempts, and strong arm tactics- SAD!

I used to trust CNN...


I thought they were real news. I didn't know any better. I'm a progressive biracial trans woman just trying to find real news in a dangerous time for our nation. Fake news runs rampant. CNN has always been held up as a beacon of truth. No spin. Just the news. The way it should be. Focus on the real issues that matter to us, the American people. I like to watch MSNBC because they are biased and quite open about it. Their bias happens to align with mine. They don't claim to be real news they are just an opinion network. But when I want REAL news, hard hitting journalism I turn to CNN. I always have. They told me for months that our president colluded with the Russians. That this was the absolute truth. Why should I doubt them? I started to get suspicious when there was still no evidence after almost a year of endless investigations. But I knew CNN would not lie to me. They had to have some proof the rest of us just didn't know about. Evidence the FBI, CIA, and NSA didn't know about. They are CNN after all. The A team of investigative journalism. But then all of my darkest suspicions were confirmed about a week ago. Project Veritas dropped four videos of producers and anchors at CNN calling the Russia story a "nothing burger" producers calling their coverage "a witch hunt" and ethics "adorable". I was literally shaking. Before I knew it I felt something wet on my shoulder. I realized it was my own liberal tears staining my new tshirt made by orphans in Guatemala. I had been tricked. Lied to. Everything I had been told throughout the election and after FAKE. I had to take a Benadryl because I had broken out in hives. How could they do this to me?! To us?! The resistance!?!? A noise began to emerge from my mouth. I can't explain the sound very well, but it sounded sort of like "reeeee". It was just business to them. All of it. The lies. How dare they. Now that I know the Russia story is fake and so is CNN, I realized the darkest truth of all... Donald Trump was right about both. He tried to tell us. Just like when he said comey told him he wasn't under investigation three times. CNN lied then too. Maybe he's telling the truth about other things. I might finally give him a chance and listen. What other choice do I have? I never did because CNN told me he would be impeached. Another lie. It seems that's all they do. You've lost a viewer CNN. One who used to believe and defend you. Now I feel stupid, but at least I'm not a liar like you. The app is easy to navigate for what it's worth.

Wow that's fake news


Unbelievably fake news ahead folks

Cnn is fake


To be safe I would stay away. Horrible design as well.



Don't download this app, unless you actually believe the liberal propaganda they push.



🅱️ake 🅱️ews

Give it up


You write made up stories and claim it as "news"

Fake news!


Cnn threatens 15 year old kids because of memes.


Andre Pono, USA

Pretty disgusting morals [email protected] on Twitter, Gab, Minds

Fake News Much?


I watch CNN News overseas sometimes and it amazes me how biased your stories are. And to top it off you blackmail an American, a teenager, Hispanic to top it off, over a silly video? You call Trump racist but you are the true racists!