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Africa View is free iOS app published by CNN Interactive Group, Inc.

Fake News!

American Concerned

What a terrible network to dedicate so much time to hunting Russian ghosts and not covering actual news.

CNN, Fake News

Richest Man In The World

This company has continuously proven they can't be trusted. They put their stamp of approval on nonsense reporters with huge egos and partisan agendas.

Apple covering for CNN!!


Apple deleting nagative reviews for the fake news network CNN!!!

Cnn is fake news

awyatt man

Cnn and the other progressive left wants to bring low iq 3rd world immigrants to vote for there terrible socialist politics.

Still Can't See Africa


Still too far away.

Counterfeit News Network



CNN is Crap


Anything CNN touches turns to crap! Can't wait for your network's demise. I'll be dancing with my MAGA hat on!

Don't download


Propaganda, lies, blackmail etc... Dangerous people.

Fake News


Fake News, terrible app.

Faker than an old prostitute's orgasm

Edgar ware

Your chickens have come home to roost. Take it like an adult. Or don't. It's funnier to watch you flounder. Kek vult, normies.