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Do you remember the peace and relaxation you felt when coloring as a child? Lost in an imaginary world of pictures and colors, nothing mattered but designing your new creation. Why can’t you have that as an adult, too?
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For adults, coloring is shown to relax, reduce stress, and clear the mind from the clutter of life. Don’t let kids have all the fun. It’s time to incorporate coloring into your relaxation routine.

In Colorfy ME - Coloring Book for Free, open a world of secret gardens to draw and color until your heart’s content. This color book was drafted specifically for adults, and the intricate designs produce beautiful exotic patterns that will test your creativity and keep you busy. Sitting for hours at the doctor’s office? Let’s color! Long day at work? Grab this app! When you’re finished coloring each piece, you can even share it on social media or use it as wallpaper. It’s the perfect way to relax after a long day. Go back to childhood and get lost in your creativity!

Product Features:
- Support iOS 9, iPhone 6 & 6s!
- Secret garden themed adult coloring book.
- Easy to use controls to choose colors and draw.
- Beautiful exotic patterns to decorate with color.
- Many different patterns and color combinations.
- Share on social media or save for wallpaper.
- Great way to reduce stress, relax, and clear your mind.

How to Play:
- Use interactive controls to pick colors and draw.
- Choose a pattern to design and share it with friends.



Loving it best to cope with this anxiety n stress from lockdown..


Awesome I just had to go out and purchase me a iPencil to color I’m very satisfied with this App

Love it!
larry clear

Very nice and relaxing. The artwork is wonderful. I highly recommend it.

Love the freedom of choosing what color to go to any place to complete the picture!
Jesus Blood

Really enjoy choosing my choice of what colors I put on the picture! ❤️


Thanks for the lovely pictures!

Coloring book app

Love this app

I really wanted rate higher...

This is a fun little app. That said, there are some things that don't work for me. Some of the drawings seem carelessly drawn. Little specs that need coloring, and having to zoom in all the way to pigment them is a pain. There are a couple more things like trying to figure out where to poke w/o having areas changing colors of everything around it. But for free...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!
B #23

Getting this app will not be a mistake! It is totally free and there are no ads that pop up. The app has so many pictures you can color and so MANY colors you can choose from. My favorite category to color are the portraits. I use this app when I am stressed, tired, sad, and much more emotions. There is nothing I will change in the app. Unlike other coloring apps you have to pay for the “VIP” section, which aren’t even good pages. So I hope you enjoy this app as much as I do! ❤️

So calming #love it

You’re app is so calming I absolutely love it and pictures are amaze

Fun app

Great relaxing app with loads of colors !!!