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Adobe Illustrator Draw is free iOS app published by Adobe Inc.

It’s so slow, it’s almost unusable


I just got a brand new iPad, and the Adobe draw keeps lagging when I try to do something fancy. I use both procreate and Adobe draw but this just keeps giving me trouble unfortunately.


London Monet

I love this app because I love creating cartoons on this app it is wonderful I had this app for a while now and every since I downloaded this app I’ve been in love I have it on my Mac iPad Pro iPad Air iPad mini and my daughters iPhone she uses it and she is 5 and this is the right app when I don’t have a pencil or anything I can just pull this app up

a good app


Overall my experience with the app is really good, I like how smooth it is to draw with it and it is easy to use <3

Love it! Don’t leave it!


I love this app and use it for 90% of my graphic design. Simple, and easy, compared to fresco, and it has the best of illustrator and photoshop. I hope they don’t get rid of it!



amazing app

Can be better

guddi g

I get it that is like a try out from your full apps..just thinking that it needs a lot more to feel like we actually using a smoother app. Shaping. Coloring. Editing.. is super good app for the super basic content and I’m surprised by this app. Have a 5 star. But can be 10 star

Adobe draw on my Iphone


Love experimenting- unlimited messing around- same skill sets as my architectural concepts/ designs. Ordered a stylus that works on iPhone. Will expand my skills.

No Pen Tool


The pen tool is literally their logo but it’s not even included in the app. Impossible to edit your line work like in the original illustrator. Absolute waste.



How do I cancel my subscription?