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Adobe Illustrator Draw is free iOS app published by Adobe Inc.

Cannot import pictures from iPhone (IOS14)


Every time I try importing from iPhone the picture doesn’t show up?

Didn’t work for me


I’d love to give a better review but the app does not let me add an image from my phone as a layer. If I take a picture with the phone it works fine but forget about trying to add a layer of image from your phone.


P.o.p fame

I love this App cant wait ‘til they add more features to it



I have used Adobe Draw for about 2 years, and I love everything about it. I hope it never goes away!!! Truly my favorite app. Fresco really doesn’t compare in simplicity for vector artists. Did the new update cause bugs for anyone else when adding an image layer, though? Mine won’t add new images in documents now. It just ignores the request... ☹️


Marileidy Tejada v

I’ve used this app a long time ago on many iphone but right now when I try to add an image from my gallery it won’t add the picture it would just be blank unless I take a picture with the cámara and it’s getting annoying. Please fix this or help me out !!

I want to give 5 Stars, but it’s not importing photos.

Not Happy - Rip Off

I’m using an IPhone XSMax and simply want to import a photo and draw some streets over a map... Help...

Wanted to love it...


I wanted to love this app because I love the Adobe Creative Suite, but there are just way too many issues when trying to run on my brand new iPad Pro. I can't believe this has a 4.7. The gesture to undo is two fingers swiped to the left... Okay, that's a little weird, since every other app I use is either two fingers tapped or three fingers swiped to the left, but okay. But in order to move around the canvas, you also use two fingers. So good luck trying to move around, you'll be undoing like crazy. And since there's no way to turn off drawing with fingers (so that only the Pencil is recognized), there have been a LOT of times where I tried to move left and it undid something, so I tried to redo it but instead the app decided I was trying to draw... so now I can't redo what I never wanted to undo in the first place, and have to manually redo work. This is such a ridiculous oversight it makes me wonder if the app was ever tested. On top of all that, it's also super laggy on my brand new iPad Pro, so I'm not sure what that's about. I spend a lot of time drawing a stroke and then sitting back and waiting for my work to decide to show on the screen... I expected so much more from an Adobe app.

Cool & Fun But No Mirroring


I like this app a lot for it’s ease of use and pretty outcomes. I do wish that it had a mirroring feature though. That would make things a lot easier and more fun for one handed drawers like myself, and probably a lot of others too. Hoping you’ll include this feature in future versions. Thanks. ?

Love the app but...


I’ve used this app for years and really enjoy it. Lately it’s been laggy and strokes of the been are delayed making it near impossible to use currently. I’m still giving 4 stars because I’m sure they will address this issue

I love it but HATE the save option

Iam Lono

I love the creation part of using this app but the only option to save to the $**** AdobeCloud?! Seriously??? I want to keep my files on my iPad!!! Fix this now! Users want access to files directly and don’t trust that cruddy little cloud. No, I don’t want to send it to my desktop to save. I want access all the time with the original file ON MY IPAD.