Adobe Illustrator Draw Reviews

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Adobe Illustrator Draw is free iOS app published by Adobe Inc.

Stresss be gone thank u


Stress relief

Crashing and app freezing.


Whenever I open the app it won’t let me select anything and has a buffering ring always in the middle left corner of the screen, I can’t fix this issue so I always have to uninstall and reinstall the app. Devs, please fix this issue as fast as possible.

Almost there


The eraser leaves marks ? really thought I was getting the hang of this, it’s hard without a stylus but possible. The eraser thing really breaks it for me. (Edit) the eraser is leaving marks only on certain projects for some reason, I didn’t screw with the settings. And there is a harsh line when you fill things in with color sometimes and not other times which I hate. But other than that this is actually really fun to use, you can zoom in really far, you can use the shapes the same as a ruler in real life, as straight edges or curve or whatever shape you are using it’s pretty cool. I’d still say that it’s nearly there for me. 4/5.

The new Apple update


In light of the new Apple update, I found that I can’t select or upload photos to Adobe draw. Any idea on how to fix this? If you can, please fix this as soon as possible.

1 problem


We need a eye dropper

Needs something


The app is amazing BUT it really needs a lasso tool.

Not perfect, but close


Once you get past the adjustment of giving assignments in Adobe Illustrator (I cannot currently because we are distance-learning here in Prince George’s County, Maryland) this little program is pretty dope. If the developers could come up with a way to incorporate the pen tool, even if it didn’t do curves like it’s big brother, it would really go a long way. If you could also select individual objects and resize them on a single layer, boy would THAT be fantastic… But, I understand it may not be possible in this Mobile environment. Pretty awesome work, Adobe Draw team!

One and a half thumbs


The application freezes a lot. Often, not filling in shapes that I draw. The app invasively suggests that I be online to gain full functionality, which is absurd. Other than that, it’s fun to use.

Files hard to access/send to desktop


This app could be good, but it’s functions and brush functions are so limited! In order to finish my work I have to send it to desktop (which is the only way to send/access your file, BTW... and it doesn’t work!) On days when I’m completing client work, I just restart and log out and refresh until “send to desktop” eventually works. Such a nightmare.

Low utility


If you really want to draw and create buy procreate. This app is severely underpowered and is basically a whiteboard with a couple tools. Fine if you’re already integrated into adobe suite then go for it but very low utility app.