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Eliminate the ads from your phone while surfing online, enjoy the content you are looking for without those annoying pop-ups that interrupt your time on the Internet, avoid distraction when working, boost your network’s speed, and keep your device much safer than never before with a powerful, and easy-to-use tool to have a better time when using your phone.
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• Enjoy any content you search online without ads in Safari with our on-click ads blocker.
• Create a completely customizable list with your favorite websites, and unlock all contents from these pages just typing their names. Create your White List, and make your own blocking rules stay disables.
• Block those specific websites that can make you get distracted, and redirect yourself to safer and more positive sites to make sure you are taking the best of every single second.
• Add specific keywords, and filter every search you do on the Internet to automatically block those websites you don’t want to see.
• Block the exact websites you want to block by creating a list of URLs you don’t want anybody in your family access to.
• Turn on and off any search filter in just a single tap on the screen.
• Feel safer when surfing online with our in-app browser to get the best results with no ads and potentially dangerous sites.
• Edit or delete your search activity data in just seconds.
• Lock the whole app to don’t allow anybody change the security rules you set.
• Delete or change the entire configuration you establish to any website with just a click on the screen.

Avoid that annoying content you don’t want to see; block those dangerous websites you are not interested in; boost your Internet connection and time; enjoy the content you want to see, and don’t worry about your relatives' security online, with a great tool that does not need more than a click. 


They got it right

Best ad blocker out there I recommend all iPhone user download this


It was good I guess

Works fine
Peter O Chang

No need for VPN connection like other apps. Lower power consumption. However for some ads on some website, it locked the ad itself and left the window there.



Does not work!

This Ad-Blocker does not deserve a star. I was required to select a star in order to post my review. This is a dishonest application product. This is no an Ad-Blocker, fix this! This Ad-Blocker does not function as advertised. This Ad-Blocker does not block advertising.

It’s nice
dj shamo




It’s good

It’s good

Bad app

Doesn't work

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