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ACTi Mobile Client allows you to view and control cameras on your smartphone or tablet.
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Business Free ACTi Corporation iPhone, iPad, iPod

Easy access to live camera and playback for remote and real-time surveillance.

Key Features :
1. Multiple sites setup (include CMS/NVR/ENR server & camera device)
2. Individual device access
3. Search ability for source or view name
4. Multiple channels of live view display
5. Snapshot of live/playback video
6. Optical/Digital PTZ control
7. Support Manual recording
8. Digital input/output control & motion indicator
9. Sending view to TV Wall
10. One channel playback with Time Track
11. Map (eMap and Google Map)
12. Event Search
13. Video Push

Compatible ACTi Products & Software Version:
1. Software NVR3 Corporate: v3.0.12 or later
2. Software NVR3 Enterprise : v3.0.12 or later
3. Software NVR3 Standard : v3.0.12 or later
4. Software CMS2: v2.0.10 or later
5. GNR-3000: v3.0.12 or later
6. ENR Series:
ENR_G1_v4.02.09 or later
ENR_G2_v4.04.36 or later
7. INR-410/INR-420: v3.0.12 or later
8. ACTi Devices:
KCM Series Cameras: Firmware V5.10.02 or later
TCM Series Cameras: Firmware V4.12.09 or later
ACM Series Cameras: Firmware V3.14.19 or later
D/E Series Cameras: Firmware V6.08.30 or later
V Series Video Encoders: Firmware V1.02.30 or later
TCD Series Video Encoders: Firmware V4.12.09 or later
ACD-2100: Firmware V3.14.19 or later
ACD-2300/ACD-2400: System_FW V2.08.03 & Compatible_Channel_FW V3.14.19

1. Required setup of H264 video encoder and resolution at 1920x1080 or below for devices on ENR to view live stream in Channel Preview.


Multiple issues and weaknesses in the app

Why does it rotate the screen whenever i slide FWD or back??? It cancels the zoom you had on and zooms out automatically then flips (rotates) the screen when you slide in playback. The app also did not let me log in after setting it up and setting configs, i press next and the app crashes, it took months to solve this.

Sir squirt

Even with perfect WiFi, even standing in the restaurant, it can’t seem to load anything.

May 8, 2019 update error

The app was up and working very well here in New Boston, MI for the train app. Unfortunately, the update you recently sent and I installed on May 8, 2019 has created a large green area covering 2/3 of the live view. The all devices shows the whole camera view of all the cameras but if you click the live view to see one camera, 2/3 of the image is covered by green block. I think we need another update fix.

Camera access

How do get the Info to add cameras?

Update not working

Updated app iPhone. Running a cms with 17 schools on it. When you view one school it is show camera from the other schools. Doesn’t matter what location is pulled up. All showing end every camera on system individually.

app acti
ala irawo

exelente app hace todo lo que se necesita desde el teléfono


City of New Boston, Michigan's poor attempt to hide the fact that the railroad continues to screw them. Bad solution by the city to choose. Camera never works at Sibley and Eureka which are the most important streets. Nice try. If I could give 0 stars I would. Neat.

Much better now Acti
Buff style

If it doesn't work After installing this version then you need firmware update and possible update your cameras as well. If you are having trouble then please contact Acti tech support. They can assist updating remotely. Great work Acti.


Works great!

Works well

So far so good. Seems to work better than MobileGo, able to connect to my NVR3 server and view my cameras. No ability to view recorded video though.

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