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Accusoft Barcode Scanner is a fully functional barcode reader that scans over 30 common 1D and 2D Barcode types, including scanning UPC codes and working as a QR code reader. Use the app to scan UPC barcodes to compare prices while shopping, scan QR codes to go to website URLs, and many other barcode features. In addition to common barcode types, now you can read the data from many obscure barcode symbols. If you are building your own app that needs a barcode scanner, be sure to try this app to see the accuracy and speed of our barcode reader SDK.
Category Price Seller Device
Utilities Free Accusoft Pegasus iPhone, iPad, iPod

2D Types
* Aztec
* DataMatrix
* PDF417
* QR

1D Types
* Add-2
* Add-5
* Australian Post 4-State Barcode
* BCD Matrix
* Codabar
* Code 128
* Code 2 of 5
* Code 32
* Code 39
* Code 39 Extended
* Code 93
* Code 93 Extended
* DataLogic 2 of 5
* EAN 128
* EAN-13
* EAN-8
* IATA 2 of 5
* Industrial 2 of 5
* Intelligent Mail
* Interleaved 2 of 5
* Inverted 2 of 5
* Matrix 2 of 5
* Patch Code
* PostNet
* Royal Post 4-State Barcode

Accusoft Barcode Scanner was built with Barcode Xpress for Mobile, Accusoft's barcode SDK, which is available for your custom barcode application on iOS. See for more details.


Works great!

Excellent recognition of different barcode types!

Apartment 18

This works pretty good for a free app. It has worked with everything I've tried to scan so far... If they would add Maxi Code support it would be perfect since there doesn't seem to be anything that yet supports that.

no nonsense
Albatross Wafer

A simple app that scans many barcode types without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Finally an app that reads PDF 417

Thanks! Works great!

Slow Datamatrix detection/recognition

It slow in comparison with other apps I've tried. Icon looks nice.

Great app

This app reads so many different kinds of barcodes AND it tells you the type of barcode. This has helped me so much in my job where documentation has been poor and I have needed to reverse engineer barcodes. Only real complaint is the UI is a little ugly and I wish it didn't always ask me to do a web search, but I understand why most users would want that feature. Anyway this my favorite barcode scanner out of the handful I have tried.


App never opened. Crash and close. Junk.


Does scan many codes but leaves out the 0 (zeros).