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Acadian Ambulance Service is an app that provides quick offline access to the Acadian Ambulance EMS protocols and supporting materials.
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Medical Free Acid Remap LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

Features include:
•Quick indexed lookup of protocols in a matter of seconds
•Search titles and text
•Favorites tab for quick access of what's important to you
•Updated shortly after new protocols are posted online making it more up-to-date than most printed protocol manuals
•Customizable hospital contact information and mapping
•Customizable notes for each individual protocol entry
•Always with you as long as you have your device and never fades or tears


Slow download
Miller Time945

The protocols need to be able to be downloaded in the background. It's 715 pages and you have to have the app open the entire time and it takes fooooorrrrrreeeeevvvveeerr! But once done it is very useful to have

Still work to be done
Ambulance driver Joe

Not showing update completed Acadian Ambulance services Inc. app installed, restarted, and still shows notification to get Acadian Ambulance services Inc. app.