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Say hello to the world. Start exploring the world and meet new people from any country, at any time, in any language. Dive right in, break with stereotypes and see the real faces of the world.
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Lifestyle Free Massive Media Match NV iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Take off like a paper plane and let your destination surprise you.
• Be yourself and get to know people outside of your natural social circles.
• Discover each other’s stories and create meaningful connections.
• Unlock Challenges, earn Miles and become a world traveler.

Sharing stories is fun, but we all like a little competition. Get to the top of the leader board by unlocking Challenges and collecting Miles. Stay active, keep exploring and claim the top spot!


Oh boy. Probably a scam

I decided to see what this app offers and let me tell you. IT OFFERS NOTHING. You can pay money to set preferences but that literally doesn’t work. So you’ll end up wasting money. This just feels like a scam to data mine across various borders. Too many bots as well. Do not use

Recomen you the app
Tha french .

The app it self it’s not bad . It’s really good . I love the format and the idea of it . I’ll put it this way ; you are looking for to make “FRIENDS” this is the right up for you . Now is your intentions are other wise this is not the app . Let you talk with people from other countries and it translate in your native language .oooo keep in mind this app it’s going to charge you. [Ps: if you want some constructive feed on how this app could be better and improve . I’ll be more then happy to give it you. Just email me or message . ]

Good app could ife better stuff

It's good it could use picture sendings and ways to know if your busy or not.

Suggestions for the app

This app should have something where you could post your moments to the friends you made or the whole world. Add something where you could search people’s usernames because sometimes we lose our friends we made because the owner of the app logged us out of the app😢 And I’ve made a friend on there but I can’t talk to him until I’m 18 because I was one year younger than him that’s why I got logged out😢 at least let me find him again so that we could add each other of different media so that we don’t get logged out from then like this app. Make where you could do a video story like instagram for the whole world to see so that they could get the idea of someone they maybe might want to become friends with. And please do the age group thing where we could choose what age we want for the people we want to talk to because this app it has mostly old people and it doesn’t get in young age group like 16,17,18 and 19 It’s called age filter settings. I will give it a five star when these things hopefully come to it. I love the app so far! Keep up the good work! Thank you!

The worse app ever

The app is “free” only for men, if you want to meet a woman you need to pay and pay and pay again. It is fake it is a simple algorithm that envolve and you lost your time! Please don’t download!

The Worst

This is literally the worst app I have ever downloaded. If I could give zero stars, I would. You have to pay for EVERYTHING! Do you know how wasteful that is?! I was willing to give it a chance but not anymore.

Unfairly Takes Purchased Coins
Stud B

This would be an amazing app; HOWEVER! To select certain chatting preferences (lets say you only want to chat with Women from Australia) you must purchase coins. Great! Not a problem! However, the app charges you for coins EVEN WHEN your specific chat preferences aren’t acknowledged. Waste of money.

Okay but

Good concept, I just wish that there was something set up where you could earn coins by watching ads or completing offers. Not everyone can afford to purchase coins and having optional advertisers could bring in more revenue for the app

Narrow ridder

This is an incredibly poor app. I have zero interest in talking with men and even selected women only. Well over half we’re guys. Poor response from the directors seriously discouraging


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