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A10 Tank Killer - Major Mayhem Attack

Action-packed military’s A-10 Warthog attack on Enemy Tanks, RPGs, and Jeeps. Shoot the A-10’s rapid-fire Gatlin Gun while flying your mission. Choose between several paint schemes for your Hog. Choose your world.
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Games Free UberZany Games, LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

This is a fight for justice! Remove crazy dictators! Release pent-up frustrations with this game. It’s get even time!

Collect gold coins and barrels of oil to earn new characters. Even the latest F-35 fighter jet!

-- Challenge Your Friends for Highest Score!
-- Great Time-Killer Game!
-- Tons of fun!


Can't put zero stars
Jesus's jsjdjj

Fake reviews the game is awful


The 5-star reviews have to be B.S. This game is horrible. I couldn't delete it fast enough

Good game
TBI Katie

An easy game that gets more challenging. Keeps the kids occupied.


Gameplay is boring. Way too many ads, some of which pop up so fast during play that you can't opt out. Very low replay value. Looks like it was programmed by a kindergartner. Avoid.

Drew's Dragon's

worst game ever


Good, simple fun. Sound effects cool.

Not what it says.
MEEKO {D187}

The so called Gatlin Gun is actually a ball that is yellow.


Stupid game, too many ads, have no control over the aircraft except to shoot. Lost $2.99 to buy Hero Mode. It isn't worth even being free!

Worst game ever, don't waste your time

Graphics are dreadful, gameplay is a sad, frustrating joke, and the constant, non-stop barrage of ads is infuriating. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS ONE.

Terrible, DO NOT GET

Too many ads! Can't get 1 minute straight of gameplay terrible graphics and too hard to control if pro Was free it still wouldn't be worth it