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8 Ball Pool™ is free iOS app published by Miniclip SA

Great game


Addictive to the point where it gets annoying

Fake profiles

Bad connection, huh?

...for fake 5 star rating. This game is a hack.



Good game, but i don’t think you should have to use chips to play and pass or quick fire.

Great game


Very enjoyable

8ball pool


I love playing this game, why though, we have to pay for the country cue your from, let us ALL SHOW OUR PRIDE AND LOVE FOR OUR OWN COUNTRY CUE

Nice game I love the game. Thanks


Excellent game I enjoy the game it's concentrate the brain and increase brain extebility thanks gam



I don’t understand how or why you offer the free 500 or 1 cash if when you apply to get them you get nothing. Not when you’re told there is no videos but when the video is played and you get nothing. Who can be spoken with about money that you won but we’re not given??? Twice this month I’ve been shorted by at least 500,000 but oh boy they sure love you paying for coins...

Teaches you how to play also!!!!!


Awesome game



Must play pool like real