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Games Free Patrick Schaeffer iPhone, iPad, iPod

One-button-action at its finest.

Possible Achievements:

■ 10 SECONDS - You're comfortable with what you do and perform well under normal pressures.

■ 30 SECONDS - You could easily sell your skills on the open market. You are a true gamer!

■ 50 SECONDS - You are a paragon to those trying to excel at your skill.

■ 60 SECONDS - Your name is synonymous with the game. You’re lauded as exceptionally gifted.

■ 80 SECONDS - You have reached the pinnacle of mortal achievement. This expertise represents the top 0.00001% of all practitioners in known history.


Nice game!

It’s a really relaxing also rage quitting game but I like it!!!

Fun stuff
Niki Taylor1

This game is very fun. It could use more sounds, or maybe some genuine music, but, other than that, great app!

Best game ever 10/10
Mario is boss

This game is almost as annoying as flappybird but I was really surprised you should get this game it's great :D


Nice way to pass time

Smosh Games Are My New Fave Games

I'm a fan of Smosh and I've been watching their channel since 2nd grade, and I just got a notice from runny bird to try the game. When I downloaded this game I didn't know what to do lol. But this is how u play. The bar swings left and right, and u have to tap to keep the ball (I know, sounds wrong) from bouncing on the bar (lol, I'm dying cuz this sounds so wrong) and if u miss, u lose the game. Smosh, I just wanna say that this was another good game and hope you make more.

Lol Smosh didn't make this!
Mr. Pakkahchello

This is hilarious. Everyone thinks Smosh made Rubby Bird! They just played it on their channel! Great game tho.

Great app!
Poop ball face!

I recommend this app because it is challenging but fun. It is great for passing time! If you were considering getting this app, take my advice. Get. This. App.

first review

yay, first review. I love this game

Best challenge game ever
Smosh bro yo

This is awesome smosh I like your channel but I can't subsrcibe because my mom and dad don't let so smosh if you see this plz understand ok🌚🌚🌚


While Apple keeps featuring silly Ketchapp Games, this one here is a treasure...5/5