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Download 5k - Lose weight, burn calories and get fit & healthy in 8 weeks!

5k - Lose weight, burn calories and get fit & healthy in 8 weeks!

5 STAR APP! - Go from couch potato to a 5k runner in just 8 weeks with voice coaching, progress tracking and achievements.
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The 5k program is the easiest and most successful program for getting started with running. It will take you from not running to being able to run a 5k in just 8 weeks.


Voice coaching gives you easy and clear instructions
Both male and female voices
You start slow and gradually build up the intensity.
Interval training with run and walk cycles


Each workout has an inspirational quote
Earn achievements as you complete each exercise
Share your achievements with your friends through social media


Compatible with all music players
Listen to your own music while running
Instructions blend with your music


Compatible with other running apps and trackers

Fast, responsive & ad free

Tiny download size
Simple and clean user interface
No ads


The free version includes the first five workouts. The rest are available to unlock with an in app purchase


Great App

I love this app, it’s simple and nice. But it doesn’t work with IOS 11. Please update


Love the app. Please update to make compatible with current IOS

Slow but steady

Good app - wish all phases were unlocked

Waiting for update😑

I was using this app and everything was perfect but since I updated iOS11 I can’t use it because the developer hasn’t updated. It’s being weeks waiting for an update. I’m done delete it and getting another app!!!! Take care of ur customers. Sangano!

Needs update


Love-d it

Enjoyed it a lot!!! But now it won’t work because it needs to be updated to work with the latest iOS update. Please update!!


This app is amazing, the format is fathomable, the program is perfect for someone who has asthma, like me, and it allows you to slow your repeat an exercise if you're not quite ready to advance. Love this app! I'd recommend to anyone! :)


Great app. Love the structure and the achievements. Passing along to friends who are beginners. Thanks!

Business Professional
Liz on Eagle Mountain Lake

I love it! App allows you to listen to music... Talk on the phone... And it keeps up with the intervals while alerting you! So far so good!!!!

Great app!
BlackBelt Mamma

Easy to use. Self paced and worth it!